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  1. cd detekt
  2. gradle build
  3. java -jar detekt-cli/build/libs/detekt-cli-[version]-all.jar [parameters]*

detekt will exit with one of the following exit codes:

Exit code Description
0 detekt ran normally and maxIssues or failThreshold count was not reached in BuildFailureReport.
1 An unexpected error occurred
2 maxIssues or failThreshold count was reached in BuildFailureReport.

The following parameters are shown when --help is entered.

Usage: detekt [options]
    --baseline, -b
      If a baseline xml file is passed in, only new code smells not in the
      baseline are printed in the console.
    --config, -c
      Path to the config file (path/to/config.yml). Multiple configuration
      files can be specified with ',' or ';' as separator.
    --config-resource, -cr
      Path to the config resource on detekt's classpath (path/to/config.yml).
    --create-baseline, -cb
      Treats current analysis findings as a smell baseline for future detekt
      Default: false
      Prints extra information about configurations and extensions.
      Default: false
    --disable-default-rulesets, -dd
      Disables default rule sets.
      Default: false
      Apply values from config files as changes to the default configuration
      (instead of starting from an empty configuration).
      Default: false
      Shortcut for 'build-upon-default-config' together with all available rules active 
      and exit code 0 only when no code smells are found.
      Additional configuration files can override properties but not the 'active' one.
    --filters, -f
      Path filters defined through regex with separator ';' or ','
      (".*test.*"). These filters apply on relative paths from the project
    --generate-config, -gc
      Export default config to default-detekt-config.yml.
      Default: false
    --help, -h
      Shows the usage.
    --input, -i
      Input paths to analyze. Multiple paths are separated by comma. If not
      specified the current working directory is used.
      Enables parallel compilation of source files. Should only be used if the
      analyzing project has more than ~200 kotlin files.
      Default: false
    --plugins, -p
      Extra paths to plugin jars separated by ',' or ';'.
    --report, -r
      Generates a report for given 'report-id' and stores it on given 'path'.
      Entry should consist of: [report-id:path]. Available 'report-id' values:
      'txt', 'xml', 'html'. These can also be used in combination with each
      other e.g. '-r txt:reports/detekt.txt -r xml:reports/detekt.xml'