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This rule set provides rules that address issues in comments and documentation of the code.


This rule reports comments and documentation that has been added to private functions. These comments get reported because they probably explain the functionality of the private function. However private functions should be small enough and have an understandable name so that they are self-explanatory and do not need this comment in the first place.

Instead of simply removing this comment to solve this issue prefer to split up the function into smaller functions with better names if necessary. Giving the function a better, more descriptive name can also help in solving this issue.

Severity: Maintainability

Debt: 20min


This rule reports comments and documentation above private properties. This can indicate that the property has a confusing name or is not in a small enough context to be understood. Private properties should be named in a self-explanatory way and readers of the code should be able to understand why the property exists and what purpose it solves without the comment.

Instead of simply removing the comment to solve this issue prefer renaming the property to a more self-explanatory name. If this property is inside a bigger class it could make senes to refactor and split up the class. This can increase readability and make the documentation obsolete.

Severity: Maintainability

Debt: 20min


This rule validates the end of the first sentence of a KDoc comment. It should end with proper punctuation or with a correct URL.

Severity: Maintainability

Debt: 5min

Configuration options:

  • endOfSentenceFormat (default: ([.?!][ \t\n\r\f<])|([.?!:]$))

    regular expression which should match the end of the first sentence in the KDoc


This rule reports public classes, objects and interfaces which do not have the required documentation. Enable this rule if the codebase should have documentation on every public class, interface and object.

By default this rule also searches for nested and inner classes and objects. This default behavior can be changed with the configuration options of this rule.

Severity: Maintainability

Debt: 20min

Configuration options:

  • searchInNestedClass (default: true)

    if nested classes should be searched

  • searchInInnerClass (default: true)

    if inner classes should be searched

  • searchInInnerObject (default: true)

    if inner objects should be searched

  • searchInInnerInterface (default: true)

    if inner interfaces should be searched


This rule will report any public function which does not have the required documentation. If the codebase should have documentation on all public functions enable this rule to enforce this.

Severity: Maintainability

Debt: 20min